Software Updates

We constantly introduce updates to our DentalArt3D applications. The information on any updates available can be found in the News section of our site, on our pages in social networks, and distributed by e-mail.

Within the first year after the activation of DentalArt3D product you will receive all the updates free of charge no matter how many updates there may be.

The subscription for updates for the following period will cost $150 per year. This amount will be valid in case of annual extension of your subscription.  If you fail to extend your subscription even for one year, you will have to buy the product anew at a full price.

We hope you understand us. The price for updates is not high. For instance, some companies offer updates with a discount of 10-15% from the full product price. But we want to have long-standing partnership with our customers. And partnership means mutual actions. That’s why we ask this small price for updates and expect your annual extension of subscription. Please, be careful! Failing to make an annual payment within three months, you will have to buy a new version at a full price. In other words, the last version that you received during the active subscription will work normally, but you will be unable to update it.

Any support will be provided only under active subscription for updates.