General Dentistry & Craniomandibular Dysfunction

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You are a general dentist specializing in Craniomandibular dysfunction? Then you will appreciate our offer!

A lot of dental disorders are caused by occlusion disharmony. Dental sensitivity for cold or hot products resulted from restoration quite often indicates the deviation in contacts, or vertical overloading due to the new restoration. Incorrect grinding for reducing a protruding tooth can cause new and still more serious problems with other teeth, or with masticatory muscles, or even with TMJ. Failure to grasp these principles prevents from resolving such everyday issues. They may lead to the problems more serious than the initial ones.

Peter Dawson, DDS

What do people do when they don’t understand something? They go there where they can understand it!

Do you know how many patients dentists loose due to misunderstandings? Most patients don’t have the extensive knowledge in medicine, and dentistry in particular. They come to you to get an advice, but instead they get just a lot of special terms they don’t understand: endodontits, sinus lift, TMJ, amalgam, etc. And what does a person do when he/she doesn’t understand something? A person goes there where he/she can understand it!

How much time and money it takes to bemaster the craniomandibular dysfunction concept, and to use it in your everyday work?

Three years of studies, many months of theoretical lectures, a lot of books and videos... All this has at last been left behind, and now you must practice. And it is not so easy and simple. How can you explain to your colleagues the nature of issues and their treatment techniques? And how can you inform your patients what they are going to go through? Besides, you staff constantly grows in number, and they need somehow to grasp the essence of this topic... We will help you to learn about the concept developed by Gregor Slavicek, Doctor of Medicine, Professor of Steinbeis Transfer Institute Biotechnology Interdisciplinary Dentistry (Stuttgart, Germany).

Thanks to DentalArt3D General Dentistry & Craniomandibular Dysfunction you will be a favourite dentist among your patients. You will make your patients more loyal, because you can talk to them their own language. That will not only increase your profit – you will be able to save time you usually spend on consultations and presentations of treatment plans. So you will have more time for your family. Moreover, your profits will grow, as the potential number of your aesthetic dental treatments will also increase! And all this is because the advantages of such treatment are so easily and visually available now!

DentalArt3D videos will help you to have more patients for aesthetic dentistry, complete restorations, surgery, etc. You’ll save plenty of time for your family, and will be able to make more money in less time. Your patients will be thankful to you for such simple and obvious examples which they can easily grasp. In return you’ll get many recommendations from them, and that means still more potential patients.

Just order DentalArt3D General Dentistry & Craniomandibular Dysfunction now, and you will have an excellent tool for getting your patients’ consent. You will also receive:

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