About Us

Our team appeared in 2008, and consisted of  fellow-thinkers who loved their profession – dentistry. Our principle – dental concepts made simple – appeared at the same time.

At that time, in the remote 2008, we invited lecturers and mentors in dentistry to join our project, and they became our co-authors. You can find their names under the descriptions of products made with their help.

The close-knit team of 3D animators helped us and our authors to feel confident at any time. Designing realistic 3D models of a skull, muscles, teeth, and tools required so much time it seemed it lasted for ages. However, nobody gave up even if part of videos, models, movies, or playscripts had to be thrown out. But we went through this with our purpose in mind – make the best tool for dentists!

Our designers constantly improve the product adding new useful functions into each release. Not so many similar products can impress you with a release for Mac OS X. But we did it! And we are also proud that Activation Code for one user includes two licenses for Mac&Win owners. We have also planned to design our product for use on mobile platforms. But let’s not run ahead of the story.

We have been constantly improving our idea for as long as six years. But we are not going to take rest now. We will improve it further, and now together with you, because we can make dental concepts simple!