Payment, Delivery, Exchange, or Return of the Product

You can pay for our products directly on our site by means of PayPal system known for its safety. All the pages where you perform your payment transactions through PayPal or your credit card are under exclusive PayPal ownership. We do not collect, store, or transfer any data do this system. All data flow through protected protocols in accordance with PayPal servers requirements.

The product is delivered in the digital form to your e-mail address. The message contains the link to download the product, installation password, activation code, and the number of users. Every message with these data will also include links to YouTube video instructions, contact details, etc.

Replacement or return of the product is impossible under any circumstances. You can choose the right product for you by receiving a trial version of each product right from the site. These trial versions can help you to get acquainted with our products and to make the right choice. Once you bought the product the number of users also cannot be changed.