Neuromuscular Dentistry

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The exclusive software for presentation of Neuromuscular Dentistry for both dentists and patients!


A lot of dental disorders are caused by occlusion disharmony. Dental sensitivity for cold or hot products resulted from restoration quite often indicates the deviation in contacts, or vertical overloading due to the new restoration. Incorrect grinding for reducing a protruding tooth can cause new and still more serious problems with other teeth, or with masticatory muscles, or even with TMJ. Failure to grasp these principles prevents from resolving such everyday issues. They may lead to the problems more serious than the initial ones.

Peter Dawson, DDS

How to pay for the investment in training?

You are planning to work in neuromuscular dentistry, and you want to grasp all the aspects and secrets of this concept? You want your patients to understand what are you offering them, and why? Most likely you will invest (or have already invested) a lot of effort, energy, time, or even money into this process. Or, perhaps, you have new staff not yet acquainted with the new concept, and they need training?

Personnel training? It’s simple!

DentalArt3D Neuromuscular Dentistry set will help you to get the maximum results out of your efforts. It will help you to speed up all your work processes – from personnel training to getting patients’ consent for proposed treatment. Won’t it be great? DentalArt3D Neuromuscular Dentistry includes 39 superior videos thoroughly detailing all the diagnostics, treatment and Myotronics equipment operation principles. To make these world class videos, we have modeled with high precision the human anatomy (bony frame, muscles, ligament, articular disk, etc.), as well as all the working equipment. This software allows you to see the work of TENS, manufacture and adjustment of removable and fixed dental orthotics, bite record, record taking, muscular motions, and many other things in the easily understandable form.

Tell once and forever!

Thanks to DentalArt3D Neuromuscular Dentistry you will have more patients consented to proposed treatment. You will spend less time on explanations. You’ll be easily understandable by people who know nothing in your professional field! Out product can help you return your money spent on training and equipment much more quickly. No more instructing every new employee on all the aspects of Neuromuscular dentistry – just a few comments will be enough, because each video is accompanied by texts and audio.

In addition to DentalArt3D Neuromuscular Dentistry we offer DentalArt3D Dental Occlusion, which can help you to understand all the aspects of Neuromuscular dentistry. We also offer a set including these two products DentalArt3D Neuromuscular Dentistry & Dental Occlusion.

Just order DentalArt3D Neuromuscular Dentistry now, and you will have an excellent competitive advantage over your colleagues, as well as:

  • 39 high quality videos on the following topics:
    • Disorders and diagnostics
    • Equipment configuration
    • Bite record
    • Removable dental orthotic: manufacturing and grinding in
    • Fixed dental orthotic: manufacturing and grinding in
    • TMJ disorders treatment
  • 1 year of free of charge updates for all topics of this version
  • Joining DentalArt3D club where you can discuss our product and propose new topics for our future videos