About support

DentalArt3D team is very thankful for the interest you showed in our product. Before market launch of the new versions we conduct a thorough and prolonged testing with the help of focus group. We are constantly introducing improvements, and we’ll be happy to know your wishes or accept your help. Please, fill in the feedback form, enter your contact details, and be sure that we will answer you within 24–48 hours. The authors of comments the most valuable to us will receive a bonus: discount, invitation to a focus group, or to the group of beta testers.

 Why there is no phone number on this page? The reason is that we get requests from all over the world, and processing all of them will require a separate call center working 24 hours a day. Besides, we’ll need operators who can speak at least two or three foreign languages, and half of them should work at night. Surely, you understand what costs the organizing and running of a call center can incur. That is why we decided against opening a call center now so as not to increase the cost of our product for end users.

But we want to compensate you for the absence of telephone support. We will constantly update the FAQ section. Moreover, we will give the priority to all the requests concerning problems with running, installion, or loading of our program. If necessary, our staff will contact you by any available means (e-mail, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, etc.) and at any time convenient for you. If our staff are unable to help you that way, they will  reach your PC (with your consent) through a third party application (like TeamViewer) and conduct diagnostics, make settings, or install the program, etc.

To make this process easier for all we introduced a special section with video instructions to help you work with our program through all the stages – from downloading to using it in your everyday work. 

Any support will be provided only under active subscription for updates.