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DentalArt3D All Dentistry is a complete set of videos at a good price!

More treating, less talking!

How much time do you spend on presentation of your services, describing the planned treatment, explaining current condition and its causes? Plenty of time. And you don’t have rest during these talks at all. Just the opposite, during these kind of talks you get very tired – even more tired than in the process of teeth preparing. Control over your vis-à-vis attention, control over the question, control over the terms you use… And besides, you must constantly follow the needs and desires of your patients, hush their fears…

 Your friends have rest, and you must work?

Dentistry advances very fast nowadays. New methods of examinations and treatment, new directions of development and innovative technologies appear constantly. But how all this will impact your presentations of treatment plans? You are right: they will take more time. But the rate of success will fall, because patients cannot absorb so much information. Some of it will be left unclear, and some of it will be forgotten. As a result – a lot of words, but no understanding. Moreover, you have to make profit, not only presentations. In fact, your work will prevail over your family. Less time for your family, less time for rest, less time for a golf with your friends.

Less time for consultations

DentalArt3D All Dentistry software will help you to save your time on consultations. You won’t need to explain disorders and their causes, treatment methods and other things with your own words anymore. High quality exclusive short videos cover all key dentistry fields. They are easily understandable even without words. And if you want to specify or add anything, just stop the video, take a pencil, and use your fantasy to draw on a stop-frame anything you deem necessary.

A patient who understands the treatment plan is a loyal patient, and that is why such a patient is a good advertizing agent!

DentalArt3D videos will help you to have more patients for aesthetic dentistry, complete restorations, surgery, etc. You’ll save plenty of time for your family, and will be able to make more money in less time. Your patients will be thankful to you for such simple and obvious examples which they can easily grasp. In return you’ll get many recommendations from them, and that means still more potential patients.

Order DentalArt3D All Dentistry complete set right  now, and you will get:

  • 220+ high quality videos on the following topics:
    • Oral hygiene
    • Restoration and endodontic treatment
    • Orthodontic therapy
    • Prosthetics
    • Surgery
    • Implant placement
    • Bone grafting
    • Aesthetic dentistry
    • Electromyography
    • Neuromuscular dentistry
    • Dental occlusion
    • Craniomandibular dysfunction
  • 1 year of free of charge updates for all topics of this version
  • Joining DentalArt3D club where you can discuss our product and propose new topics for our future videos
Introduction in All Dentistry  ..
$ 2,499