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A lot of dental disorders are caused by occlusion disharmony. Dental sensitivity for cold or hot products resulted from restoration quite often indicates the deviation in contacts, or vertical overloading due to the new restoration. Incorrect grinding for reducing a protruding tooth can cause new and still more serious problems with other teeth, or with masticatory muscles, or even with TMJ. Failure to grasp these principles prevents from resolving such everyday issues. They may lead to the problems more serious than the initial ones.

Peter Dawson, DDS

Are you tired of looking for nuggets of information in the vastness of books?

Dental occlusion, neuromuscular dentistry, craniomandibular dysfunction, centric relation, articulator, canine guidance, anterior guidance… How is it possible to understand all this? How is it possible to explain this to patients? And how much time and money have you spent on studies and textbooks? The low rate of return spoils the joy of acquiring new knowledge and skills, and you can do nothing about that.

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DentalArt3D All About TMJ software will help you to avoid such problems. Thanks to these excellent videos even a child will understand you. Everything is obvious, simple, and easy to understand. Now you don’t need to use difficult medical language. Thanks to DentalArt3D All About TMJ you can easily  inform your patients about many things: disorders and their causes, possible treatment plans, their advantages, potential consequences of failure to go through treatment, and many other important things.

Less time for consultations

DentalArt3D All About TMJ software will help you to save your time on consultations. You won’t need to explain disorders and their causes, treatment methods and other things with your own words anymore. High quality exclusive short videos cover every aspect of TMJ treatment. They are easily understandable even without words. And if you want to specify or add anything, just stop the video, take a pencil, and use your fantasy to draw on a stop-frame anything you deem necessary.

It’s better to see something once with your own eyes than read or tell it in two thousand words!

 DentalArt3D All About TMJ is a tool for understanding you as a medical man. Moreover, it’s a perfect tool to make your patients understand you as well. Short but clear videos will save your time. Just imagine that instead of spending 15 minutes on explanations about the current condition, its possible consequences and proposed treatment, and jerky drawing all this on a piece of paper, you just show your patient 2 or 3 videos 60-90 seconds long. And they will be much more fruitful than 2-hour consultations. Such consultation will free your time so that you’ll be able to spend it on your work or on further training.

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