Let's get ready to rumble!

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Let's get ready to rumble!

Today is the November 27,and it's a Black Friday!
So, we announce our coupons!

For single package -30% discount:
• General Dentistry - GDBF14http://www.DentalArt3D.com/products/general-dentistry
• Dental Occlusion - DOBF14http://www.DentalArt3D.com/products/dental-occlusion
• Neuromuscular Dentistry - NMDBF14http://www.DentalArt3D.com/products/neuromuscular-dentistry
• Craniomandibular Dysfunction - CMDBF14http://www.DentalArt3D.com/pro…/craniomandibular-dysfunction

For twofold package -35% discount:
• General Dentistry & Dental Occlusion - GDDOBF14http://www.DentalArt3D.com/…/general-dentistry-dental-occlu…
• General Dentistry & Neuromuscular Dentistry - GDNMDBF14http://www.DentalArt3D.com/…/general-dentistry-neuromuscula…
• General Dentistry & Craniomandibular Dysfunction - GDCMDBF14http://www.DentalArt3D.com/…/general-dentistry-craniomandib…
• Neuromuscular Dentistry & Dental Occlusion - NMDDOBF14http://www.DentalArt3D.com/…/neuromuscular-dentistry-dental…

For threefold package -45% discount:
• All About TMJ - 45% - TMJBF14http://www.DentalArt3D.com/products/all-about-tmj

For FULL package -50% discount:
• All Dentistry - 50% - ADBF14http://www.DentalArt3D.com/products/all-dentistry

* The number of coupons islimited, so we recommend you to act immediately.

For taking an advantage of our offer you need to:
1. Copy the code of the discount coupon for a desired product.
2. Follow the link of the selected product.
3. Press the button "Add to Card".
4. Choose a number of users (1, 3, 5 or 10).
5. Press the button "Add to Card".
6. Sign up and Sign in.
7. Go to your Card.
8. Choose the item "Use the Coupon Code".
9. Ensure that the field “Coupon” contains coupon’s code and discount, and the amount “Total“ is matched with the coupon’s discount.
10. Press the button "Checkout".
11. Go to payment.. You can pay for your purchase using PayPall system.

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